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Soundscape & Acousmatic Improvisation

My work with soundscape and acousmatic improvisation is rooted in many years of engagement with field recordings in nature and my direction of the amateur found object percussion ensemble 'The Walden Percussion Project." Both projects have accumulated a large collection of field recodings and recorded found object sound. These are used for compositions for fixed media and acoustic found object performance as well as electronic improvisation using soundscape and found object recordings. Soundscape Improvisation explores patterns & cycles in field recordings by extracting them and manipulating them. These events are also caefully reconstructed using found object sound, collecively creating 15-30 layers of real and reconstructed sound. Motion sensor control and gesture capture technology mapped to different layers/parameters alllows dynamic real-time morphing of multiple layers at once (like strings on a puppet). Rhythms and cycles of soundscape are explored and reimagined during improvisation.

Soundscape Improvisation

Improvisation on Rhythms of a Rainy Landscape #1
Improvisation on Rhythms of a Rainy Landscape #2
Southern Excursions

Fixed Media Soundscape & Found Object Improvisation