'Shadows of Tang' for Orchestra  2012

IMPULSE 24 Uraufführungen [CD Telos Music TLS 1666]

Philharmonisches Orchester des Staatstheaters Cottbus

available on

'Skimming' for chamber ensemble  2004

Contemporanea 2004, Mikrokosmos [CD TAUKAY 126]
Ensemble Mikrokosmos, Taukai Edizioni Musicali, Udine, Italy

available at


Intercultural Improvisation and Composition Practices on Guqin 2021

in "Chinese and Chinese-Influenced Composers in the Twenty-First Century"

Zhezhang University Press

eContact! Issue 17.3 [Journal of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community]

Chinese Cross-Currents [神州交流], October, 2011. Vol. 8, No. 4. 38-47. Macau, China.

Audio Excerpts

Alfred Press 

available at

BMI, PhD Theoretical Dissertation. Brandeis University.

Metropolis Magazine, Beijing/Shanghai, China. March, 2008.

 Papers Given at Conference Proceedings

Composing Electro-Acoustic Music in an Intercultural Context: Cultural Meanings and Uses of Timbre  2014

2014 Toronto International Electroacoustic Music Symposium, August 13-17, 2014: Toronto, Canada.

The Composer-Performer Model In an Intercultural Context   2010

CIMACC, Center for Intercultural Musicology at Churchill College. Conference Proceedings of: "Bridging Musicology and Composition: The Global Significance of Bartoks' Methods. August 12-14, 2010, Cambridge University, UK.

Li Xiangting and Guqin Improvisation: New Direction or Revived Past?  2009

CHIME Conference [Chinese Music Europe], Conference Proceedings of: "Chinese and East Asian Music: The Future of the Past. MIM, November 18-22, 2009. Brussels, Belgium.

Transcendentalism, Daoism and the Walden Percussion Project  2008

Conference Proceedings of: “Beyond Thoreau: American and International  Response to nature” October 10-12, 2008, Qinghua University, Beijing China [中国清华大学, 对自然的文学反应国际研讨会]