My work with electronics involves electro-acoustic composition, improvisation and intermedia collaborations in sound art with artits from other artistic disciplines. Most often,  I employ electronics to facilitate an extension and expansion of acoustic sounds in music and the natural world. 

This is a sound installation collaboration, using field recordings and reconstructed field recordings (using found object sound) to create layers of environment sound cycles which the public interacts with via zones of sensors. Sensor data is gathered daily and analyzed for variation patterns, which in turn effects a change in soundscapes in the installation.


Interdisciplinary Collaboration

in process

Guqin, Soprano Saxophone, Live Electronics. Self-developed software that captures live instrument resonance uses left-hand motion of the guqin performer (tracked by an accelerometer) to mix live and pre-sampled resonance of guqin saxophone, found object sound and piano.


Electro-Acoustic Composition