PAN Project

PAN Project  is an ensemble co-founded by guqin player Jeff Roberts and piri master gamin. along with Korean percussionist Sori Choi, Taiwanese erhu player Yingchieh Wang and Japanese flutist and Taiko drummer Kaoru Watanabe. The ensemble seeks to develop a language of improvisation from music traditions in East Asia and integrate it with ideas from Western free improvisation, modern composition and experimentation. With support from the Asian Cultual Council, the ensemble debuted in Seoul, South Korea in summer of 2015 and will be Hopkins Center for the Arts Ensemble in Residence at Dartmouth College in February 2017, after which they will embark on a US tour.


Please visit our website: PAN Project

Improvisation on Chinese guqin and Korean sinawi traditions

Gamin, saenghwang/piri; Jeff Roberts, guqin; Sori Choi, Korean Percussion