Apollo 2000  Intermedia Performance Group

Apollo 2000 is a collaborative project involving electronic music performance, costumed performance and modern shadow theatre. Founded by Jeff Roberts and Colombia-based performance artist Adriana Rojas during a residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, the ensemble has presented two projects in the US and in England. Sound design involves improvised-manipulated sampled and electronic sound using ipad and other controllers, along with accelerometer tracked body motion of the performance artists which allows them to shape sound as they hand animate a story in shadow theatre. New projects to take place in Bogota, Colombia will incorporate body motion of dancers/artists on stage into interaction with projected images and sound using conductive fabrics and sensors worn by the performers. 

Lucida Hecha a Mano  "Hand-made Lucid"

World Stage Design Festival, Cardiff, Wales, England. 2013

Shadows of Dariwn's Nightmare

Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Symnra Beach, FL 2013