Guqin Performance 

My intercultural work as a guqin performer/improviser is rooted both in my training in Western improvisation and my studies in traditional guqin performance with guqin master Li Xiangting at Beijing Central Conservatory of Music.  On guqin, I develop an improvisational a language that combines elements of traditional guqin melody and technique, improvising concepts and techniques from Western guitar improvisation and the rhythmic language and techniques from Korean gayageum and  geomungo.

In the electro-acoustic context on guqin, I work with a self-developed software and hardware system that allows me to capture and improvise with guqin timbre/resonance through the use of sensors during live performance. I also develop new techniques in nature mimicry, which is a practice found in traditional guqin music. Nature mimicry improvisation on guqin also links guqin to my compositional practices related to field recording, soundscape composition and acoustic music.

I also collaborate in improvisation in an East Asian context. See 

Electro-Acoustic Improvisation and Composition
Improvisation on The Rhythms of Wood Chimes
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Song of the Roosting Crows
Acoustic Improvisation
Duo Improvisation on 平沙落雁
Guqin Traditional Repertoire
平沙落雁 (traditional composition)