I work with electronics and sensors, focusing on interactive sensor control of expanded acoustic instrumental sound during performance and the use of interactive technology to facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration. Examples of the former include controlling instrumental resonance and texture through accelerometer-tracked hand motion in Twelve Landscape Views. III or blending live instrumental and found object sound using iPad and Wiimote in Records of a Fractured Past. Examples of the latter include using accelerometers to track performance artist body motion to control sound during shadow theatre performance in Lucida Hecha a Mano or the use of proxmity sensors to track body motion of visitors of a sound installation which changes elements of a soundscapes in The New Landscape. I also use interactive electro-acoustic technology in experimental found object workshops for children and adults which use out of the box technology (iPad, Wiimote, iPhone) to extend the capacity for people with littile musical training to more expansively explore their creative impulses.

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hand motion control of guqin resonance demo